4 steps to Ramp up your New Patient Flow in less than 89 days

February 2nd, 2018

You want to increase your practice production. You don’t want your practice to plateau. You want a raise and your team all want raises. That means you and your team need to work together to increase your new patient flow - exceeding the number of patients that cancel, lapse or leave. Nationally, Dental Offices are having to re-evaluate there marketing strategies to keep themselves relevant in the Market for many reasons. In our world you know the law of attrition just happens.

Every dental office loses 15-20% of their patient base each year. This can't be avoided. People age, they change jobs, they move. For the most part, this is not something we can control. Then there are the patients that leave on purpose, for reasons you may never really understand. It happens to every office. Perhaps the other 30 dental offices in your area are also feeling the pinch and they've increased their marketing efforts. Has any of this affected your practice yet?  Lets Talk! Here’s an Example:

Let's say you have 2000 active patients. Your team is doing a wonderful job holding attrition at bay. We'll assume you're ONLY losing 20% per year = 400 patients. That's over 30 patients per month, lost to never return! Ouch! Let’s also assume that your practice is generating a nice flow of 25 new patients per month per doctor. Your front desk team feels good. They're hitting their targets. Yet, that leaves your practice with an overall deficit of 5 patients/month. This scenario will have the practice declining by 60 patients per year ... year after year. This is a very real scenario, happening to a high percentage of dentists across the country. This doesn't have to be your dental practice. You're reading this article, so you've noticed something, and you know you need to act. The good news is we can help you put a plan in place that will increase your new patient flow quickly. We have tons of proven dental marketing ideas that will help you increase your results for 2018. Here are Four (4) steps to Kick start your new patient campaign:

  • Make sure your Practices contact and web information is accurate on Google my business listings. Your digital assets (Web page, Social sites etc.) N.A.P. (Name Address Phone) needs to be the same or your listing will be penalized by the search engines. Translation? No one will find you in their Mobile Search.  Receive a Free digital directory Scan now! click here
  • Encourage a few of your Satisfied Clients to do a Google Review for your practice and their experience last visit.
  • Dig Deeper and analyze your existing Data. How many New leads do you need to fill the attrition Gap?
  • Take us up on our Free Discovery Session so we can analyze your data and discuss best marketing practices available to get your numbers Up!

We can help you identify your current trajectory and show you how to strategically add more new patients to your practice. Our Team and our strategic partners are eager to cooperate with you and your team to help you gain market dominance in your area. We will customize a digital media strategy that will transform your marketing spend into a Measurable,Track-able,System that brings you R.O.I. (Returns on Investment) again and again. Cookie cutter does not work anymore!  Schedule your Free of charge Discovery Session by Click Here or send us a email with your contact information at info@actiondirectmedia.com.