7 Steps to Reaching Your Next New Clients

March 10th, 2018

Lets clear out some myths. There is no magic pill or Cookie Cutter System that will work for every business. Each Business needs to first understand who there marketing to, And where to find them in order to maximize the value of there marketing Dollar. Lets look at Social Media for what it is.

              SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE NEW BILLBOARD ON THE DIGITAL HIGHWAY THAT MOST OF YOUR BUYING CLIENTS IS TRAVELING ON! There i said it! Understand this, that when the decision is made which dentist we are going to take our family members to, Or What Chiropractic Clinic has the most updated techniques or even which restaurant is going to make it to Thursday nights dinner selection, Shoppers are going to look for your digital footprint on social media sites. In the back of your mind you already know this is true, but perhaps do not know what is the next step. If this describes you, Lets Talk !

 That does not mean that all your eggs should be in One Basket. You need to have a strategy that incorporates A Marketing Mix that most effectively reach your audience both online and Offline.  Here are My Top 7 Marketing Points to get You in front of Your Next New Clients: 


1)  Web Design

A website can’t be thrown together if you want love from the search engines and new visitors alike. Your website needs to be robust and fast loading. Every page must be easy to read on any sized screen. And visitors to your site should be able to find whatever they need within three clicks. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate and if it contains bad design elements like Flash, you’ll get the worst treatment imaginable online – you’ll simply be ignored. Our web experts know how to craft search engine and patient-friendly sites that drive more phone calls and visits to your office.

2)  Keywords

The search engines organize their results using keywords, but you can’t stuff your keywords on a page. Google will be quick to ban your listings, and good luck coming back from that. The right keywords strategically placed on every page is a sure way to remain in Google’s good graces.  This requires extensive keyword research to rank prominently for “Dentist + [Your Area]”, along with Endodontics, Implants, Lumineers, and other ‘money’ keywords. We do Search Engine Optimization ethically, which is the only way to enjoy consistent and sustainable results.

3)        Page Development Optimization

Google crawls each page published online with specialized bots called spiders. If you want to rank higher than your competitors, each page of your site must be clearly designed and encoded. This makes it possible for spiders to find the information they need quickly to rank you exactly where you want to be. Our team of web developers know what search spiders crave, which can significantly improve your online visibility.


 4)         Quality Content

Google embraces websites that offer the most useful and varied content to users. Informative text, engaging videos and images that draw the eye are the things that comprise terrific sites. Our content providers deliver the information your audience wants, making you the go-to dentist in town.

5)        Link Outreach

Google likes to take a varied approach to its rankings. Scanning your website with spiders is only one way to determine your site’s worth. Google also looks to outside sources, such as the quality of the sites that link back to yours. The way Google sees it, each site that links back is vouching for your website. These links cannot be purchased. They must be earned legitimately if you want to remain on Google’s good side.

6)         Social Media

Google also looks to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find content fit for users. The more your content is shared, the more valuable it appears. Therefore, social media must be deeply ingrained in your online marketing campaign. This makes it possible for patients to pass around and discuss your content, which will further enhance your online reputation.

7)       Consistency

The above checklist must be constantly tweaked and tested to maintain your high rankings. Google frequently alters its algorithm to deliver the most valuable content to users. Once you reach the top of Page 1, you will want to retain your peak position for years to come. This requires a consistent effort from a search company that is well-versed in the nuances of digital marketing. That’s where we come in. Get your free assessment today  click here