7 reasons why your Dental Practice is not growing

February 6th, 2018


First things First, Let me say its not your fault. For the most part the fact that most dental practice is going through Attrition of economy speaks to this being a market condition. However its really a matter of education. Ask yourself Where do you get most of your information from about your local purchases? I am going to bet you reach for your phone, in fact you may be looking at your phone to read this Blog post right now. It is very important that we Market to our audience where they are. We can help you get your messaging in front of your customer base at the time they need to find you. Clear the following link to learn how we can help you reach your new pool of customers: Click Here

 Some of These May Describe Your Practice: ( 7 Reasons )

  • Young Patients Aren’t Finding Me
    You have a solid patient base, but the new people finding you seem to be older. For some reason, younger patients are not finding you at a high rate.
  • My Average Patient Age is Getting Older
    The average age of your patient is getting older. This is like the first issue above.
  • Revenue & Production Is Flat or Falling
    You’ve noticed a trend where your practice stopped growing some years ago, or maybe even more recently. You hear other practices are increasing production, but you’re not.
  • Competitors/Corporates Are Moving In
    You might have noticed more and more practices opening up in your city, or areas near you. You might even notice more corporates or chains in your city.
  • My Current Marketing Isn’t Working
    You’re running marketing campaigns, and you’ve hired marketing companies, but you can’t tell if it’s working. You have no actual results and might be wasting money.
  • No Effective Marketing at All
    You haven’t needed marketing in the past. You’ve worked mostly off referrals and word of mouth and never felt like you needed to market. You’re wondering if you need to now.

These are some of the most common issues we have encountered servicing our clients in the Dental practice community. We can help you and your staff zoom in on marketing that will increase your reach to More of your market share of New patients with Track-able results. Do not waste another dollar or another day wondering if you will have new patients next month. Get a free strategy consultation session by clicking here