Where Do We SEO From Here?

November 7th, 2017

Online Marketing Strategies can be difficult to plan and even more difficult to maintain. Small business and Large Corporations are playing in the same sandbox, and they are in direct competition for grabbing the consumers ear.

For the first time in my lifetime there is no clear advantage for either unless, they employ a great Digital marketing Team, that understands that a/b testing campaigns is vital for survival. Long gone are the days when you can rest on the idea of creating a few pages of quality content for your website. Audiences now expect and demand dynamic content that ranges over a variety of platforms and media. Videos, photos, and text have to work together to convey an interesting and relative message. Here is our short list we believe you need to pay attention in order to get your audience to pay attention:

Digital Marketing Strategy Success (short list):

  1. A social Media presence for enhanced Engagement
  2. A consistent brand message
  3. User engagement to build a brand culture
  4. Strong search engine optimization for increased traffic
  5. Timely analytics and reporting that let you base marketing decisions on proven data
  6. Targeted paid search advertising that guarantees ranking (So you can be Seen)
  7. Continuous content of quality to drive repeat visitors

That’s just the beginning! your team needs to be a team of Action! Review Rinse Repeat! Web design and development, Social media relevance, S.E.O. and key word research, research did I say research must be a part of your companies marketing strategy. According to a Hub Spot lead generation report, Businesses with over 400 pages get 600% more leads than those with 51 to 100 pages.  Combine that with the fact that 60 percent of all clicks tend to go to pages that rank in the top three search results, and you can see why it is really time to for your company to Take digital marketing  and online content strategies seriously. Join our discussion here at Social Intel Blog and tell me how the rapid pace of online marketing has effected your business practices? Time to Squad UP! share your Intel…


Robert Earl 

Team Action

Robert is a Marketing Manager for Action Direct Digital Media Corporation and regularly contributes to our blog and newsletter as well as several online publications. Sign up for our newsletter and signup for a free SEO audit for your website in addition all kinds of coupons and limited time special offers we only give to our blog and newsletter family!