Social Media is the now the place to do Old Fashioned "Guerilla"Marketing

February 8th, 2018

Remember the term “Guerilla Marketing” ( hey don’t trip it was a thing not to long ago)? Email marketing, Social Sites commentary, Blogging  content is all apart of the online marketing mix that makes you relevant and reachable to your consumer. That being said, none of these things have replaced the need for your team to put in some old fashion hustle to get your companies market share. No magic bullets though there are a lot of magicians out here selling them.

Social media is the medium where you’d better be waging your Guerilla Marketing campaign or stand the risk of become extinct like iron on patches,Pagers, Walkman Radios, AOL and my-space. You get the picture! Additional to the obvious benefit to being active where your customers are, there is an opportunity to gain some real intelligence with regard to your companies online reputation.In fact,nowadays many people prior to making a decision to do business will review your businesses social footprint. Your Online marketing mix needs to include a social connection to where your clients are spending there time, without seeming like spam.

Companies now have the opportunity to deal with any real brand or company culture issues, because social media allows your clients to interact openly. What’s the takeaway? Companies can no longer afford to treat  there social media presence like a side project. In fact your companies website authority and ranking can be positively effected by your firms activity on social sites. Too much is at stake not to go where your clients are instead of trying to deal them to where you want them to be. Where are they? On there mobile devices and on social network websites. Slow to arrive but industry across every sector now, gets that allocating marketing budget to incorporate properly branding themselves on social media sites is vital to sheer survival.


Web-page Development, Social Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and lead Generation are all in the same conversation.  Companies can no longer treat it as an expense but rather an investment in your companies digital assets. Bottom-line, businesses that are integrated with social media gets the leads, while businesses that are isolated don’t. Repeat clients will often refer others by social sharing. Social media is covering just about every demographic and so, if a business serious about expanding its reach it needs to be a part of the Action. Let Action Direct Digital Media help you get the most of your companies Digital Real Estate with Real world strategies and Track-able results. We offer a 15 min discovery and Strategy consult at no cost to you. Lets Talk 

How are you using Social media to engage your customers? Join in the conversation …… Lets share some  Digital Intel and Squad up!