Why you need to get serious about social media management

December 3rd, 2017

Wow! There is almost 2 billion people active on social media sites (Facebook having 1.5 billion).  It is obvious  that no matter what your business, you can be sure a element of your customers is on Facebook. The opportunity for building a funnel for lead generation, as well as establishing or supporting brand awareness has never been so clear. But for many companies, its been a arduous task figuring out the appropriate mix to engage with its audience.  After All Social Media Management for the most part is, Well Social!


The consumer marketplace is  more digitally sophisticated than its ever been, and very weary of  businesses over pitching there wares. However, companies that are not active in the social media arena are missing out on a whole lot of useful data that can convert into better placement of there marketing dollars. Social media is the voice of the customer and a channel that is influenced by the customer. By taking part in social media, you can start to monitor the conversations about your brand, your competitors and take action! You can and should gain knowledge about what your competition is doing on the social sites. This Intel should provide you with the leverage you will need to compete as well  understand your strength and weaknesses in the marketplace.


Your businesses social media presence is no longer a optional part of customer engagement, but is a necessary component for growth and branding. In fact nowadays many people prior to making a decision to do business will review your businesses social footprint. Action Direct Digital Media can help you leverage your companies social presence and convert it to cheerleaders and new customers. Our team can become your companies Social media management team so, Lets Talk   ! How are you using Social media to engage your customers? Join in the conversation ...... Lets share some  Digital Intel and Squad up!